Mission and Vision


Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries (JAOM) is dedicated to the restoration of the inner-city and urban communities by restoring dignity and healthy relationships in accordance with its Kingdom Philosophy. Within the Kingdom Philosophy, JAOM seeks to establish God’s Rule and Reign, spreading God’s Order (1 Corinthians 11:3), Standards (Matthew 22:35-40), and Boundaries (Colossians 3:1-4:6) in churches, families, and the society at-large. Using this framework, JAOM establishes the spiritual and economic base from which every individual can become both empowered and productive members of his family, community and church. The Kingdom Philosophy restores God’s values to our communities. It governs the way we think; thereafter, it becomes the gold standard for how He wants us to live our lives.
Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries’ approach is two-fold. First, it addresses the negative or dysfunctional social, cultural and/or familial systems that are perpetuating crime, poverty, illiteracy, joblessness, and dependency in inner-city and urban neighborhoods. We then assist each person we impact in realizing who they are and in establishing their personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, particularly with respect to how He expects them act and live. With this newfound understanding and enlightenment, comes the fullness of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and empowerment to operate in the fullness of what God has given them to serve.
The vision of Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries (JAOM) is to heal families in the inner=city and urban communities, both spiritually and physically, through the advancement of the Kingdom Philosophy. The Kingdom Philosophy is predicated on the desire to return to God’s original intent for His people, as set forth in the Bible.
This Kingdom Philosophy is based on two key components: God’s Rule and His Reign. God’s rule pertains to His order, standards, values and morals. His reign refers to His expectations of each believer, pertaining to how they live all aspects of their lives—personal, family, career, church and community.
The application of the Kingdom Philosophy will not only empower inner city and urban individuals and families, but also free them from the bondage of dependence—dependence on addiction, cultural and familial dysfunction and entitlement mentalities. Thus, laypersons will be empowered to live the lives that God has given them, allowing families to grow in Christ and serve those around them.
JAOM understands that God is Sovereign; He rules over all aspects of life. As such, He expects His Church to take responsibility over all areas; not just the spiritual or unseen areas. The Bible teaches us that words without actions are dead. Therefore, God’s Rule and Reign cannot end within the church building if man is to live his life in the manner intended by God; it must extend to all areas of a man’s life. We must address the moral and spiritual foundations upon which people’s lives are built, AND minister to their personal and material needs, in order to effect true, positive change within the community.

We must change the way people think, in order to change the way they live.
If you can change the way one thinks, you can change the individual.
If you can change the individual, you can change the family.
If you can change the family, you can change the community.