Integrity Plus 

Change what they believe, and you will change what they do!

What is Integrity Plus?

The Integrity Plus Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance is a character-based program that seeks to display the love of Jesus Christ through work relationships with the those who society and the general population, wants to disregard and disrespect because of their past

IPLUS Mowing
Integrity Plus is one of the business arms of Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries (JAOM). It is designed to target the at-risk population who have an “underworld” belief system that places many of the participants in a dysfunctional, drug and alcohol addicted, incarcerated, black market economic environment, that strips them of the functional order necessary for positive social success and economic self-accountability.
Therefore, this program has to place a functional thinking structure into the belief system of those who attend. The Moral Values Program is the center of this structure. The Moral Values Program will institute values in participants about functional order, standards, and values not currently a part of their mindset. This means that their idea of going through life doing right just because it’s right (integrity) doesn’t register as something of value to them. More often than not, “at risk” men and women believe that the standard of living that is valuable is doing wrong until they get caught. Which is why these Five Core Values are essential to the IPEET Program:


  • Integrity – We define integrity as doing right because it’s right.
  • Stewardship – We define stewardship as the ability to take care of other people’s things as if they were your own.
  • Servanthood – We define servanthood as helping others to be the best they can be in all they do.
  • Faithfulness – We define faithfulness as always being true to your word.
  • Truthfulness – We define truthfulness as the absence of deception, scheming, or lying.
To this end, Integrity Plus is dedicated to establishing these men with the Moral Values necessary in order for them to combat entitlement and allow them the skills necessary to overcome stereotypes about the inner-city and become not only functionally-independent, but powerful and productive. We have also partnered with the City of Houston to have stewardship over enough properties that Integrity Plus workers may be able to start businesses and generate their own revenue.