Equippers’ Bible Fellowship



Equippers’ Bible Fellowship (EBF) is the worship arm of Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries (JAOM). Its mission is to instill the Kingdom of God into the layperson so that he may understand God and what God wants for himself, and be able to represent God in being powerful and productive as a believer in his own personal sector of the world, or the marketplace. We seek to instill Biblical values and fortify believers in them, and to replace stereotypes with definitions.

In the midst of Equippers’ Bible Fellowship, we seek to be the church that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against (Matthew 16:18), by building up the layperson into a strong believer through instilling God’s Standards through a counseling network, Bible studies, 1-on-1 mentorship, sub-ministries garnered toward specific needs in the church, and other programs.  Some of the work we do includes:

The Family Ministry Concept

The Second Adam Men’s Club

Esteeming Other Women

Equipping Youth For Life

Saving Our Sons

Kingdom Kids

In short, Equippers’ Bible Fellowship is determined to have every member of the family saved (having accepted Christ and been sealed in the Holy Spirit), sanctified (empowered to work in their gifts), and serving (spreading the Gospel in a practical manner to all those around them).